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got a call from someone from a 'local hospital' who were looking for our services on behalf of their staff, lots of blarney about how they were not allowed to use NHS funds to provide such support services, but if we were to 'help sponsor' the service we would be would one of only 2 providers kept in the loop....
Sounded genuine so agreed for them to come and see me...and then started some research...
NHS Discounts | NHS Benefits | NHS Offers | Healthcare Staff Benefits, UK seems to be same people as staffdiscountspolicefederation.org although first registered in Nobby beach Australia, and the later in Wigan of all places...

Seems that they are pitching a Livingsocial discount system to these workers (and probably have a fireman one as well) which is all well and good if it was above board, but to hide behind a 'approved by the hospital and NHS' is dodgy.

No hits on google that I can find, they only were created in March so keep and eye out for them...

ahh they are tied in with
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