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heya everyone,
yet another u/w video newbie i'm afraid.
i've been looking through various forums for advice on choosing a camera & housing set up for a digital video camera (with still function, and preferably dual recording so can take stills whilst filming)
i was keen on the sony HC7 for a while, but just found out it is apparently poor for low light conditions :frown: and i'll be doing mainly UK diving so lighting is always an issue.
anyway, i've just ended up reading through so many conflicting reviews that i've got totally confused so am looking for any advice i can get :redface:

finances are up to £1500 for both video camera & housing, but i know that's optemistic so if anyone knows of anyone selling either second hand then that would be great.

so a run down of the things i'm wanting:
  • digital
  • preferably HD
  • suitable for low light (preferably with night mode)
  • for both u/w and general use
  • still function (preferably dual recording)
  • could be persuaded either way for HDD or CD/etc
u/w housing:
  • down to 50m
  • cheap (something to do me for couple of years when can afford a Gates housing)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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