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one time on vancouver island i... :teeth:
Went diving monday afternoon to parksville south of vancouver island with a mission to find a wolf eel which i want to see before returning back home to england. So even though ive dove this site madrona point 3 times before never seen any but my buddy convinced me that thers two down there at 80feet in a den.
One adult and one juvenile, this site is one of my personal favourite shore dives as theres also a giant octopus living here.
So we gear up and hike down to the ocean, when the wind picks up and it starts raining (hate rain makes you wet), do a bit of a surface swim as its a good 100 yards or so to main wall. Drop down swim out to wall with reasonable vis 20 feet (sorry its imperial its these canadians) or so but very green. Sure enough theres a crack along the wall at 80 feet with one huge mother of an wolfeel in there and he was laying on is side about 4-5feet long with a head a size of a football and big gnarly looking lips n teeth, i was super stoked i couldnt believe it just like the pictures, then about 10 feet along the wall was the juvenile this just made my day i wish i had some weeners apparently they come out and play with you if you feed tghem but i forgot to take em. The dive was just fantastic with rock cod, ling cod anemones, sea fans, crab but the octopus wasnt there this time, last tiome there was octopus and no wolf eel so i think the eels made a meal of the octopus.
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