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Ok was wondering if any of you have any info or advice that could help.

Basicaly to cut a long story short, Iv not been able to dive since March, and I was having problems before then.

Iv got what is know as Eustation Tube Dysfuntion (my Eustation tubes inflame, and close off) At the moment they are like it most of the time. I have been to see an ENT Doctor, who has tried all the medical routes, such as decongestants, steaming, Steriods, and anti inflmaitaires, as well as anti biotics (as this problem arised from diving on an undiagonsed ear infection.)

The next step is to have a gromit put in, which will mean no diving for a year from the date that is is put in, so I could be out of the water for a long time, and its not a certainty that the gromit will work either.

If anyone knows of any alternatives, even if they have not been medicaly proven e.g herbal remedies, please let me know. Any help or advice will be much appreciated as I just want to be able to dive again.
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