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Any help appreciated

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Just received this email from a very good friend of mine who works & lives out in Egypt.So feel free to pass on


Hello Guys,
I've got something a bit shocking to tell you all. Shocking to me anyhow.
From last Wednesday I went on a liveaboard, completely fantastic and did 10 dives in just about 2 and a half days. Friday night, on a night dive two French divers returned to the boat a bit distressed that they'd, what they thought had stumbled on dive gear in a room on the wreck of the Chrisola K off Hurghada.
We all went to look the next morning and down a corridor of this ship in a room under the main staircase was in fact a diver who'd been dead for a long long time  I thought straight away - mayday mayday type distress alert to all coastguard, navy, army etc but the boat captain told us to say nothing as when any Egypt authority's turn up we would be held for maybe many days and questioned.
I couldn't believe this guy maybe from anywhere in the world and would most certainly have a family looking for him. I got the boat captain to eventually tell me that his skipper intends to report the deceased divers body in maybe a weeks time and tell the authorities that foreign divers had told him that maybe a body is in the wreck of this Chrisola K. I myself have told a friend who I have met here who is in the army about the incident.
I'm quite happy if anyone of you in the UK wanted to contact BSAC or PADI about this.
Please let me know your thought's as it seems no one cares a jot here about it and I'm still not convinced it is going to get reported.
Best Regards to you all by the way
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I cannot believe that this would just be ignored to avoid any investigation. This is shocking!!!
It is possible to contact the BSAC from outside the UK via the medium of internet. Perhaps some details worth reporting can be included in your communication to them.
I saw this when it came out on the inspiration list.

It would be interesting to know why no one has even mentioned the name of the boat, tour operator, dive center affiliation etc this is the information I would like so I know who to avoid IF I decide to go back to Egypt.
Has anyone asked where the diver came from? IE what boat he was not reported lost from?

I'd be more concerned about that!
Here's my 2p

Assuming all in the report is true.

The skipper doesnt want to call it in, yet the person who wrote the report "lives and works in Eqypt",
so should have more access/knowledge to the authorities than the average tourist. Why then didnt
the author call it on return and if not, why didnt the other guests on the boat call it in to the police
or tourist/holiday operator etc. when the boat docked?

I can understand that a wayward skipper might want to keep it quiet if it affects buisness, but cant
see how the passengers wouldnt create a stink and as a result this be splashed all over the news.

I'm with GSK on this, need some more detail, because without that it doesnt smell right.
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This was on the Inspo list and the reason for not contacting the authorities at the time goes along the lines of the party being advised not to because they would be quizzed by the authorities and would delay them leaving for home. ( In short )
People are not adding the police to their facebook friends in every country. If one reports a body, then of course the police wants to question that person to learn more. Sometimes this may take some time. In some countries you need to prove innocence, not guilt. The poor diver is dead anyway. Better to report it anonymously from distance.
I've got something a bit shocking to tell you all. Shocking to me anyhow.
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