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Any one going to Capers tomorrow. 25th april

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im up there doing some training with my club,

Sports diver before we go to Eyemouth next weekend.

If your there say hello, I think we we will be in a big white van.

yer i know lots of them, its my first diving trip with them

hope to say hello to a few of you any way
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I am! (now that I've cancelled going to Wales because weather doesn't look too good and I'm not keen on travelling all the way there and paying for accommodation just to do one dive off Newry Beach...) I'll be doing some DM training (being trained, that is!) so will try to pop over and say hi in between keeping track of everything else! I'm with my club too, big van that has Orca Divers painted on the side, bit of a giveaway really ;) Hope to catch you tomorrow!
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