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Any one using one of these?

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Im looking at one of these. Are they any good? I currently use a Halcyon P3, would it give a better light?

The new LED16 canister system offers the power of HID with the reliability, durability and efficiency of LED technology. This system offers a concentrated beam that is preferred for exploration diving. Powered with a Lithium-ion Polymer rechargeable battery, the LED16 burns at 1000+ lumens of brightness for 4 hours. This single LED offers the advantage of a very long 20,000 hour life and the 6° beam width is much tighter than multi-LED arrays. This design is preferred by Technical divers for signaling purposes.
Hollis diving equipment suitable for technical divers. Hollis provides a great range of scuba diving gear from BCD's and backplates to regulators and marker buoys, their range is extensive.


-16W LED with 1000+ Lumen light output @5600°K
-Lithium-ion Polymer Battery with 4 hour burn time
-Dry Weight = 4 lbs, Bouyancy = - 2 lbs
-Delrin canister body with aluminum head
-Goodman handle standard with option elastic grip handle
-Canister Length: 9 inches and Diameter: 2.75 inches
-Light Head Length: 5 inches and Diameter: 2 inches
-Max Operating depth 500ft./152m.
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I've seen, and indeed tested, several LED torches from different manufacturers, which have claimed to be "HID Killers". Not seen the LED yet which can match an HID in terms of focus or penetration. The proteus is a great torch. The LED16 supposedly puts out twice the lumens, but I bet you don't get the pencil beam focus of the proteus, and its certainly not the equivelent of one of the big HIDs. Whatever the blurb says, this design is not preferred by technical divers for signalling purposes.
Made by light Monkey for Hollis...
I looked at the Halcyon EOS 4.5ah LED light over the weekend for the first time and I'm very impressed with what you get for £795. The usual superb build quality that you get with their Explorer range, and surprisingly tight, white beam and plenty of brightness. I was sceptical as to how the three LED cluster was going to work - but it does - and I imagine without over-driving the LED units as many of the others are undoubtedly doing. It's really light and compact for travel and robust for UK wreck diving. Not quite the tight beam or brightness you get with HID - but damn close frankly. That would be my choice Richard
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I'm very impressed with what you get for £795.
It comes with oral pleasuring by one or more of The Saturdays?
It comes with oral pleasuring by one or more of The Saturdays?
You might get a quick nosh from one of The Sisters Of Hecate on a Sunday morning if your lucky ;)
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Cheers for the advice guys, I saw this one on simply scuba, they do 0% finance for a year which is what seriously tempted me. If I could get the Halcyon EOS on the same sort of deal, then I would definatly go for that.

Infact I'd buy 2 if it came with oral pleasure from 2 of the Saturdays:spliff::wink:........
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