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I recently bought a CF200x to replace a much loved and very well used old style CF200. (Ten years very hard use and a bit of a shape change on my part during that time!) I wanted a straight replacement but DUI have changed their material and style somewhat. So I ended up settling on a ‘Signature CF200 X’ as the nearest direct equivalent. Despite a heart attack when I was told the price I ordered one. (My previous suit had been the best bit of kit I had ever had).

First impressions of the new suit were that the material seems to be thinner and lighter and stitching seems to have changed. Wasn’t too sure about the fit (I think mine was sized for a 400 gm undersuit) – it seemed a bit baggy around the waist and the legs but I could live with that. The suit seemed OK though.

However, the crunch came in less than a year’s  diving (30 dives or so). The seams (legs, crotch and shoulder) have all failed. (i.e. leak!) The shop I got it from were shocked and have done their best and I’ve wound up with a refund. (DUI have not exactly impressed me with their customer service – they wanted the shop to repair it!).

Now, I’d like to know if anyone else has had similar problems as I’m trying to decide whether to re-order a direct replacement. (I certainly don’t want to go through DUI’s aftersales care again if the replacement suit has faults that crop up) or just go for a different make?

If anyone’s got any comments – perhaps I’ve just been really unlucky and had a ‘lemon’ or if other people have had similar experiences could they let me know so I can make a decision…

Feel free to e-mail me directly if you’d prefer…

PS: OR - If anyone has got one of the old style front entry CF200's for sale (in good nick) then I might be interested!
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