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Ok - St Abbs is just over the border into Scotland on the East side. Basically - up the A1 as far as it goes, over the border and turn right 5 miles or so down the road. Click HERE for a map.

Basically, its one of the BEST sea dives sites in the UK - do not miss this one if you can otherwise make it!!

I've sent you a private message with my mobile number on it - I don't know if it will actually work in St Abbs but worth a go anyway. We are all camping in Scoutscroft camp and caravan site (you'll see signs as you near the village).

Choice of shore dives or short boat trips into the bay. Most dives are in the 15-20m range with tons of sealife, kelp, dead mens fingers etc. May dive a wreck at 30m (Glanmire) but this is optional.

Any more questions, please post them.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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