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Anyone using Volo Power fins with "10/11"+ O'Three Boots? or Oceanic V16?

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I have an O'Three MSF500tb drysuit with size 10/11 boots. My boots do not fit fully into my XL Mares Avanti X3 fins. I've been told the foot pocket on the XL Mares Quattro fins is bigger and fits no problem. I've been considering the Volo Power fins over the quattros though, so....

Has anyone here tried the XL Volo Power fins with these boots (or larger)?? Or the XL Oceanic V16 fins?

Any other fins advice welcome. I tried the Scubapro Twin Jet fins yesterday but would prefer something more responsive, I found their resistance in the water too low...


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From what I've seen with standard Volo Fins, they virtually fold in half when finning. They aren't anything like your flat bladed Avanti fins.... they looked pretty pants to me, although I wasn't tempted to try them. Can't help with the foot pocket bit. But may well be worth trying before you buy to avoid massive disappointment.

regards A
OK I've been reading reviews since posting and some aren't great! Anyone tried the Oceanic V16 fins? I've found a good price for these online. Tried them with my wetsuit boots before and they were good. Hopefully get to try them with the drysuit next week...
I had Volo fins when they first came out.
They lasted less then a season and snapped in half when I was trying to fin up into a rib in Greece
Not recommended - not even for holiday use

I'd borrow a pair of Jet fins to try, if I were you. My mate and I switched fins half way thru a dive maybe 8 years ago and I didn't want to give 'em back

For big foot pockets tho' you have to move to Turtles

The Volo's are as crap as a volvo and look just as crap. :D
The Volo's are as crap as a volvo and look just as crap. :D
get off that fence

say what you mean :teeth:
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They are pretty pants.... I was assending a line below a guy wearing some, it was as if only the top half of the fin was actually doing any work the bottom half just went with the flow, like a flag in the wind... and when he kicked hard they just folded over.

St Georges day tomorrow.... get those flags out.... how come the Irish get a bank holiday
I like em. I've had a pair of XLs for 6 years and they've been fine warm and cold water diving. Nice soft foot pocket and great with a set of spring straps. I use a size 11 wetsuit boot and they're a snug fit so I think maybe a drysuit b oot may be a little big.
Although I like the look of the Hollis F1 fin.
Fins are a very personal thing and the only advice I would give is to try every different pair you have considered before buying anything. When I say try I mean do at least more than 4 dives with them you will not get any feeling for them at all after only 1 dive. Also consider what type of diving you are doing as that can dictate the type of fin required, split fins may not be the best for the environment you are diving in.

That said................I have a pair of Mares Volos that have done over 1000 dives and they are still going strong. I only use them on holiday these days as my diving here dictates I use Turtle fins due to the techniques employed and the environments in which I dive. I think Volos are great but as I said at the start, fins are a very personal thing what works for someone else may not work for you!

Anyone tried the Mares Quattro Excel+ fins??
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