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Apeks Drysuit Inflation Valve and Auto Dump (Shoulder Dump) Valve Set

Used Apeks Drysuit Valve set.

Older style. Ideal if you need to replace these valves in your existing drysuit as you won't need to cut new size holes for the newer (bigger) valves.

Easy to replace yourself if you have a faulty valve - just be sure to make a good seal to avoid getting wet!

No guarantees, but these were working absolutely fine when removed from a buddy's old suit after it was decommissioned due to a large tear!

The inflater takes a standard Apeks CEJN hose, but the 'nipple' to which the hose attaches can be easily swapped for another if required.

As with all second hand diving kit, I would recommend that you have it professionally serviced etc etc.

I'd rather these go than not so please feel free to make any sensible offer.

£10 to start, including UK postage?

(These are also listed on eBay (link below) so may need to be withdrawn if sold there - happy to sell on here and end eBay listing if anyone's interested though)

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