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Apeks DS4 or DST ???

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Looking to buy my first set of regs and I don't know whether to go for the ATX40 DS4 or get the same set up but with the DST first stage. The jury is still out on this at the club - just wondered what you guys thought?


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I've heard nothing but good things about the DS4, but I've heard a few people complaining about the DST (the swivel's not needed, etc etc). I'm definitely planning on getting the DS4 soon myself, if that helps.
We have both in the club and TBH it matters not a jot which one you have. They're both reliable.
Must admit the swivels on my instructors twinset with DSTs looked a lot better setup than my DS4s, but then again thats for twinsets. My DS4 was perfect for single tank
I prefer the DST on a single setup. Don't forget the DST also gives you 2 high pressure ports so if you decided to buy a wireless transmitter for your computer and keep the contents guage you will need 2 HP ports.
DS4 for everything. There is no benefit to the swivel other than on sidemounted cylinders. It's one of very few leaks I've had from an Apeks first stage, leaks from the swivel - nothing catastrophic, but it can't happen on a DS4 for obvious reasons.

You will never need two HP ports.

Thanks guys - looks like the weight of opinion is coming down on the side of the DS4 - which is kinda where my DO was going anyway. I'll just go and have a search for some prices now :((( - it's only money (hopefully the wife won't find out!)
Thanks guys - looks like the weight of opinion is coming down on the side of the DS4 - which is kinda where my DO was going anyway. I'll just go and have a search for some prices now :((( - it's only money (hopefully the wife won't find out!)
Pick up the phone. You'll get it way cheaper than online. Try Divelife/SDS as they seem to be knocking them out cheap on a regular basis.
I have a mixture of DS4s and DSTs (4's on single/twin / T's on stages). If I had the money I'd swap all the Ts for 4s. Not that I've had any problems with the Ts, just IMHO the swivel is an extra point of failure.

Just my 10 pence worth ;)
If you're thinking of taking them abroad, the DS4 is lighter.
I have both.

DS4 is more compact / lightweight and DST has more options for hose routing. Both are excelent.

I like DSTs on deco stages.


I personally would have the DST as I want a gauge and a AI sender and you can fit the 5th port if you like to the end of the reg.
I have been looking into this alot recently and in the end bought 2x Mk25's and a R395 for £400. That suited me.
Cheers - Divelife's prices look good £242, and I know a guy in the club who has a console for sale so if I can get that it would to be honest make a fairly good set up at a cheapish price, especially when you look at the prices of the other Apeks regs. There is such a jump between te ATX40 and the XTX range - I mean why is this? There doens't seem to be much difference in spec really for all that extra cash.
Scuba Kings in Gozo is doing a deal on ATX40s with DS4s and ATX40 octo for about £200, which looks like the best price I've seen--thinking about doing it myself: Apeks ,flight, 3 STAGE SETS, OCTOPUS AND REGULATORS, ATX, XTX, 50, 100,40, 200, DS4, STATUS US4, APEKS REGULATORS
Oh god, You had the mention the ATX-XTX difference.
Well, I suppose it is friday.
Go for the DS4 - as others have said, the DST swivel is only really of genuine use on sidemount cylinders...
Just a new starter here - sorry if I've made a bit of a diving faux pas !
Bit reluctant to buy from abroad though - a UK deal would be better for me, long way to go if I have a problem with it.
I just bought my Scubapro's from Italy.
Some will say "Don't buy the XTX, it is only a knob that is different"
You can buy the breathing knob for about a tenner and fit it yourself but poeple don't understand that some do not want to change thier own gear and would rather have it done from factory. It is an easy conversion to do though. Lots of posts on here about it and even someone selling the kit.
ahh, thanks for that Divedog.

I have just had a look round and this looks good - https://www.mikesteesside.co.uk/package-offers/apeks-atx40-ds4-package-first-second-octo.html

If I am reading it right, it is £241 for the 1st, 2nd and octopus, plus you get free lifetime servicing? Has anyone used them before?

Or, there is Scuba Diving Superstore (formerly SDS Watersports) - Apeks ATX40 DS4 but then I will need to get the octopus on top?
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