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Again, just blagged from D-net. But a worthy topic of convo, as some of us will be doing Dotty at some stage (no pun intended) and some of us use the TX range of reg.

JH asks:  

" 46M in Dotty, Apex TX50 on a sidemount, 180 Bar and the valve just stops giving air, felt just as if the cylinder had been turned off. Switched to back mounts then tried again at 30M :- nothing, again at 25M:- freeflowed.

Isolated and then switched back on and it performed faultlessly for 20 minutes. Cylinder, pillar valve and anti debris tube checked:-OK. Nothing obvious on first strip of valve. Anybody similar experience or ideas about failure mode? "

Pertinent as some of us will be doing these drills for real at depth on some of our up-coming courses. Comments and/or thoughts?
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