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APOC Manual

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Got to be the first ever scuba manual that manages to preach condescendingly along with extraneous crap about how to actually work the vapourware :D Most pictures are CAD drawings even at this late stage.

Can't wait to see it in the 300 page waterproof version that was printed about a year and a half ago (according to Alex)

Way to go boys
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I have a manual available for a Glass Hammer and a Long Weight if anyone is interested.
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Can't wait to see it in the 300 page waterproof version that was printed about a year and a half ago (according to Alex)
Is that so that geeks can have an easy wipe clean version? Got to do something to pass the time...
No. I believe it's for use on the deco hangs that are strung out because you've had to bail off of your <tounge in cheek mode>'perfectly good' </tounge in cheek mode> rebreather as advised by the manufacturer. "It wasn't our fault mate. He was using the rebreather when he should have been on open circuit."

See the Ascent Phase Check List on page 249 :)
Does the instruction manual automatically bail you out to the back cover when you reach page 14?
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so anyone hear whats happening, now they've shut the RBW bearpit.

thought the O2 units should of shipped by now.

Steve - i can't believe they are still seriously saying bail-out on every ascent. ROFLMAO.
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...and still the scrubber duration is 1 hour 50 mins (to CE or 2:45 to noggy standards). So its good for short dives, maybe even short deep bounces. Seems like a lot of aggro to give me something I can do OC perfectly easily. Hell, I'd probably exhaust the scrubber before I finished the manual.
I quite enjoyed the pictures..
not sure if I need to read the words untill anyone sees a unit in the water
A little extract

Ascent proceedure Pg 249

"16.1 Ascent Phase Checklist

Check your PPO2 is above 1.2 atm

Check your buddy’s PPO2 is above 1.2 atm and your buddy’s CO2is less than 6%.

Move to the shot line, upline or place you intend launching an SMB.

Bail out onto an appropriate bail out gas: if you have been using Trimix Make-Up gas, then your bail out is Trimix not Nitrox, unless you do the switch at less than 30msvv.

Launch your SMB, or ascend the shot line"

Page 251. Apparently the ASBOV doesn't always work!!!

"If not Auto-Bailed out, press the bail out button on the ALVBOV
towards you. If it fails to bail out, rotate ALVBOV to OC

If ALVBOV is not functioning in Open Circuit mode then push
the ALVBOV down below your chin, locate bailout regulator and
switch to bailout regulator: purge before you breathe as the bailout
regulator is full of water."

I hope the unit works better than the copy protection on the PDF :p
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why do you need top check your PPO2 if your going to ascend Open Circuit?

surely it should read, are you still living yes/no

if yes ascend
if no don't ascend.
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