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This is simply copied off my club's website.

Location - Vivian Dive Centre, Llanberis
Date - 25/04/09.
Type - Quarry.
Divers - Martin, Andrius, Carl, Zoe, Dawn, Lucy, Paul, John, Eamon, Dave, George on surface cover.

The dive centre itself was relatively quiet on Sunday, with the wind being almost non-existant many folk were probably out on boats, which is a stark comparison to the last time we dived Vivian when it was reminiscent of a jacuzzi. We, however, were here for a training dive, this was to be a few members first "open water" dive. So the plan was drills in the shallows for the trainees and instructors. Zoe and Dave however, decided to go for a bimble around the deeper end trying out a new Bonica HD video camera.
It seems a lot of folk in Vivian were undertaking some kind of training, which is really what the site excels at, we noticed a lot of buddy pairs carrying out practice drills and tasks.
The visibility wasn't great, around 4m tops in the deeper areas, and obviously a whole lot worse when the leaves started getting kicked up. Temperature wise our computers were registering 6*c which isn't exactly warm, but it's not Arctic either, but for some reason it felt VERY cold after around 20 minutes or so. We had a quick look at the little boat that's in the 15m range and I felt obliged to try getting in the wheel chair whilst carrying twin 12's. I didn't fit.
It was quite dark at the bottom due to the overcast weather which meant there wasn't much natural light, so we weren't holding out much hope for the video camera considering there was no artifical lighting attached but so far it seems to be producing quite promising results. Despite only costing a third of the price of a VeeCam! Granted it doesn't come in a posh waterproof case, but for another £50 it can. One drawback of HD cameras is the amount of time (and hard drive space) needed to edit. Hopefully we will have some test footage on here soon. Possibly even some blue water tests. Watch this space!!!

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