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Hey Pete,

Work with me here - after the invite: I'm massively OK with the 'Glasga banter' and the crack, and we don't mind the ruck-n-maul, but join in here with a sense of fun, banter and an eye to contribute - don't just consider it a p*ss-take and a license to take the mince. Make sure you guys have - where you can - a diving bias, and there after enjoy the gig with the troop.

Get youself invited in the group trips and don't be shy to suggest any dive trips that you think that we will all benefit and enjoy.

You and your oppos are all welcome, just don't turn this in to handbag-net. Banter's welcome; taking the mince with deep humour is welcome; diving advice in your neck of the woods is JUST as welcome. Enjoy all of it.

Cheers and welcome aboard,
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