I stopped diving several years ago and have just uncovered loads of peripherals, so looking to part with them. These would be ideal for a family or club looking to either take up scuba or do some snorkelling or pool training. All items work fine, although they are obviously used, and some of the clear plastics have discoloured over time, all this is reflected in the price.

Estimated new price including instructor material is around £450+

Looking for £80 collected, £95 posted

4 sets of fins - 8.5/9.5, 1/1.5, 6.5/7, 4/4.5 - sizes vary and they are elasticated, so will have a bit of lee way.

3 snorkels

6 x masks - 2x men's, 2x women's, 2x kids

Neoprene boots 9.5/10, 5/5.5

Neoprene summer gloves Men's large x 2, Womens small x 2

Hoods men's x 3

Fin bags x 3

Diver kit bag

Otter dry suit bag

BSAC instructor CD, Advanced Nitrox instructor slates, Nitrox tables, Deco tables, assorted deco laminated charts



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