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Hi All

You upstanding delvers of the deep,and the rest,joined the board a couple of days ago and found the contents great This is a divers site!With a lot of sense on its pages.

Hope to be launching from Brid on the 11th May should have been bank holiday but the gearbox seals have gone
Will be diving the East coast a lot this year,have ignored it a bit in the past,apart from a few dives out of Hornsea.

We have the last known position of "HMS Brass Bastard" that sank in Bridlington Bay during WW2,It had a manifest of Portholes,Binicles,and ships bells due to be taken to the USA for fitting on "Liberty" ships It is also said that a large amount of gold bars was also on board

We are diving a 6m rib with a 90hp on the arse end,at present we have 3 divers in our squad all bsac Adv (OWI) and nitrox Adv.The skipper/owner is Paul with myself and Steve as crew. looking for an experienced diver to make up the four
We are Leeds/Bradford based I have dived for 30years, Paul and Steve12 years.We have all done the "club"diving and instuction thing with it,s benefits and drawbacks
we now please ourselves and do our own thing

Safe Diving

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