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Like most divers I believe that personal experience of good customer should be shared, so here goes.

Being a 40 something diver, I've found my arms are just not long enough any more to allow me to focus on my gauges or computer display when diving... :frown:

So like a lot of divers I've tried the stick in lenses for my mask, which worked to a degree, but I often found they swished around the mask at the most awkward of times, like during my descent. The result being its either in a position inside the mask where I need to be double jointed in the eyeball to be able to see through it, or its laid against the side of the skirt, and about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike. :angry:

This problem is particularly acute for me, as I am all but blind in the Left eye, so any further obscuring of my line of sight for my right is a big problem... :thumbs_down:

So to my issue of good customer service. :thumbs_up:

I decided to bite the bullet and send my masks (primary & back up) to these guys Axis optical with a request they fit my masks with a corrective reading lens in the right eye of each. Expecting to have to pay £179.00. :rain:

Now being someone who believes in the mantra 'if you don't asked you don't get'... I thought I'd ask them if..., (given my vision problem), they wouldn't mind charging me the price of one mask, seeing as I only need one corrective lens in each mask? They're reply was, no problem...!

So just a week after sending them off, both returned in the post today, with one corrective lens in each and all for the price of one mask. Two for one, result....:D

The lenses are just big enough to enable me to see my displays under water without them interfering with my distance vision, there permanently fixed so no risk of them moving, and I've no concerns about switching to my back up mask, as its exactly the same.

So a big thank you to Axis from one happy Cyclops.... :D
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