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Azimuth First Stages

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Help!! I need to locate two new first stages for my unit but have had no joy as yet. Can anyone help?
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Unless it has changed the first stages are Mares MR-12 but there are Apex ones that will do the trick.
Valve fitting on the one I had a play with was something very odd. Not nitrox, not Draeger, just weird.
The odd Nitrox fitting on the first stage may be harder to find than a replacement standard DIN fitting valve for the bottle, and then the actual first-stage can be bought off the shelf with a DIN fitting instead of the Nitrox one. Though I do not know the health and safety aspect of this
Azi regs.

Hi, send Martin an enquiry at [email protected] he sells Azi's and a very helpfull guy
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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