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Azimuth value

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Can anyone advise me on what is a fair price for an Azimuth, its brand new (2003) but not been in the water. It's apparently all there and i am going round to see it next week. The guy rekons £1500, does this sound right ?
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Drop MAD a PM ...he's the Azi expert and will tell you all the ins and out.
£1500 is a fair value for an Azi if it is ineed new/undived (or is it dove?)

Make sure it's got all the parts and that the cylinders are in test and O2 clean... if not then take this into account with the price. (I suspect if it's been sat there for that long then they wont be.)

Make sure it also come with all the tools; filling funnel, blanking plug and in particular that wonderflow flaow rate meter. All the add ons should come in a neat little case. (Don't get fobbed off with the plastic Flow Meter they use on the Draeger)

Test the unit, in particular the dosing group, set different flow rates from aound 1lpm to 15 lpm and make sure these stay stable for a few minutes at least at each. Make sure the bypass works.

Also, since it's been sat there, I'd also check out the IP of the 1st stages... or at least buget to have them serviced.

One of the beauties of the Azimuth is that it's built predominently out of normal scuba gear and as such can be serviced very easily through a normal dive shop.

If all is well then it's a fair price... I'd still try to haggle a bit though :teeth:

Drop me a pm if you want any more info.


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Spot on, thanks MAD.
No tools, no Mares gauges and no tests everything else is ok though and he shifted on the price !
Once again thanks.
azi value

must agree with mad as i now have his unit.best value for monye for one if not the best scr on the market
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