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For some reason it hadn't entered my head to post this on a forum - but I suppose it might benfit someone.

A couple of weeks ago, I was lifting my scuba unit prior to transferring it to the boat we were on, when there was a shocking loud bang. Both my buddy, who was helping me lift the gear onto by back, and I got an almighty fright. In addition, I felt a whack on the back of the head (the lump is still there). I am convinced if I hadn't recently availed myself of the facilities it would have been a frightened and extremely smelly diver standing on the dock after the incident, rather than a frightened and slightly smelly one.

When we recovered our composure enough to investigate, we were shocked (and in my case appalled) to discover that the top LP pivot on my Scubapro MK20 1st stage had completely blown off. The top LP section pivots on a cylindrical collet in the main body of the first stage, and it was at the top of this collet across the "T" shaped section where the metal had completely sheared.

My LDS who had last year serviced the regs serviced them again, repaired the issue (apparently Scubapro have recognised that the brass collets are not as robust as ones made of some other alloy and so they have redesigned the part) all free of charge which was nice since they were probably due for a service anyway. Just to be clear, as far as I can tell this isn't the issue for whcih MK20 regs were recalled a few years ago - mine had been recalled and the correct parts installed - which was related to the plastic din/yoke retainer cracking under loads.

I have emailed scubapro but they haven't yet replied.
I have washed my wolly bear and sprinkled some pleasant perfume into my drysuit, which has helped a little. The regs seem to be working fine, although I have sopent that last couple of dives trying to duck just in case....
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