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Barefoot Man - The Best of Scuba Do

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looking to get a copy of this cd... or the mp3's..

checked a couple of places and its seems out of print / circulation, and unatainable. Anyone got a copy out there???

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I have a copy somewhere. I should have this in mp3 format - will check when I get home this evening and let you know

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Yes.?tried by email a couple of times. No reply.....
i've got em on mp3 if you want em. but i'll not be able to get access until the end of the week.
mate, whoever can get them,,,, much appreciated :)


PM me your details and i'll burn them to a cd....... else you have a public facing FTP server?
I'd love being pointed in the right direction of this too - anyone?
if i can do one - i can do two.. pm me your dets.
Ask and ye shall receive!!

Scuba diving Mp3

Thanks again mate, thanks again.

Just listened to Jeff the muff diver. Love it :D
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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