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Quote[/b] (Lou @ Sep. 11 2003,12:09)]Giving him the benefit of the doubt here, it is possibly the stupid text messages and inability to actually read threads/texts and reply in detail that leads to the "no-shows", which are all too real, by the way.

If he phoned, or e-mailed and hence conversed in more than just one sentence these "confusions" might not happen.

The problem with diving is that *usually* you will want to have a buddy, and *possibly* you will have spent money on the expectation of that buddy showing.  When they don't you have wasted money and lost a dive or two, which can be more than frustrating.  People advertising for buddies are unlikely to have a ready supply to fall back on and thus his no-shows could ruin a rare opportunity.  It is only fair that folks are warned of his antics and then are free to make up their own mind.

Unfortunately his replies & attitude on Divernet just make him out to look like just the kind of guy who would no-show.  A considered, eloquent response would serve him much better.  As would not using several false names, including impersonating someone else to get revenge which has happened.

I am glad that you have had a positive experience with him, Steve, at least it means that he isn't necessarily just taking people for mugs, and he does genuinely exist.  He has become something of an urban myth!


     Have you ever tried to organise a dive with the guy?

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