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I guess I ought to start by saying that we know how lucky we were that our Fecamp trip just happened to have been booked for last Thursday & Friday.

Last Thursday morning was glorious as I drove down to Brighton. Left West London extra early and had no traffic problems. Always a bonus!

Arrived at 7.15am for an 8.30am shove on Channel Diver, Steve Johnson's great new cat. Having stowed my kit, headed for the Asda to buy goodies for the trip including croissants (eating croissants helps your French, apparently) and lots of chocolate. Howard complained how mean I was with my chocolate on the Tuesday.

Various others arrived including one of three "Carolines" on board, Serena and Vikki not forgetting the guys including Jonathan, Mark, Rob, Alastair. We should also remember Steve who couldn't make the trip but still had to pay for his diving, ouch!

The sea was oily smooth as we left Brighton Marina at 8.45am and all around me divers were slapping on suncream not believing their luck.

Our Thursday dive was the Lanfranc at 12.15pm, a large wreck in 52m.

Normally known as a fairly gloomy dive, the vis was 10-15m with good light so much so that I didn't at first recognise the wreck. Good marine life, swimthrus and everyone had a fab dive.

As there were 3 OC divers out of 9, runtimes varied between 75 and 125 mins with a seatemp of 13C at bottom and 14C at 5m. Quite an improvement over 27 March when I dived the Moldavia with 9C at the bottom and 10C at 5m.

Everyone had great dives, Jonathan and I, both on Inspiration Visions, did 60 min bottom times which resulted in a runtime of 125 mins. Very satisfying to have long enough on the wreck to be able to orientate yourself properly.

We arrived at Fecamp at about 5pm having dried out the heads of our units, put in new fills etc. Steve had his air compressor onboard and air topped the twinsets before we arrived.

Mercifully, two of the Carolines knew how to speak Frog half decently (eating lots of croissants didn't improve my Frog) and everyone got what they ordered for supper. We all stuffed ourselves silly but somehow had room the next morning for more croissants and cafe au laits (that's milky coffee for you peasants whose Frog is even worse than mine) as we sat outside Henri's cafe.

We left Fecamp at a leisurely 10am with nothing to do except to sunbathe and eat! Our dive on the Warilda wasn't until 1pm so plenty of time to do nothing in....

Last year I preferred the Warilda over the Lanfranc and the same this year. With 15-20m of vis, an incredible amount of marine life, lots of swim thrus and internal exploration, it was a fabulous dive.

The shoals of bib allowed those on rebreathers to swim thru the middle of them whilst large pollock cruised around looking impressive. Inside one part of the wreck was festooned with lots of anemones, inside another a free swimming conger awaited me along with several lobsters.

The atomosphere on the Warilda was fantastic and I can't wait to go back.

Two fabulous days of great diving, wonderful boat (Channel Diver), great skipper (Steve Johnson) and friendly company. Everyone had safe and enjoyable dives. Thanks also to Caroline No 1, Steve's wife who made us T's and coffees and helped anyone who needed helf with kitting up.


2008 French trips on Channel Diver

Fecamp (Warilda, Lanfranc + a 50-55m) 12,13,14 May 2008. Mon/Tues/Wed

Cherbourg (Empire Javelin, 2 days on Leopoldsville + a 60-70m on the way back) 11-14 July 2008. Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon

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What a difference 2 weeks make!

Sounds great Charlie!
We were blown out for the 2nd year in a row on Le Dude Plongee, great to know that someone still gets to do it!
I loved the trip the other way round, the Lanfranc because it was so atmospheric I think......... that or I was narc'ed!

I've signed up for 2008 already, 3rd time lucky I hope!

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Nice one Charlie,

I have booked for both gigs in 08 as well. Cant wait :D


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Heard somebody spent 3 years of dives 'saving' the brass letters from the stern. Didn't get the Liverpool ones though, would take another 5 years.

Saw the bow telephone also, solid brass box with ear and mouthpieces on flexi pipes.

And then there's the lamps...story for another day.

Drank some of the champagne as well - tasted like sweet vinegar, prefer a good bottle of Roderer Crystal though.

Aren't rebreather's wonderful????

Where's the Brasso..................

It's all hearesay, honest.

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