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Hi guys,
Looking here!!!
The best smart and protable charger for you!
XTAR 2019 new upgrade product(VC2S battery charger), time limit limited discount 20% off.
Start Date: 2019-01-03
End Date: 2019-01-13
Buy From UK Amazon http://bit.ly/XTAR-VC2S-20-off

More function details:
Upgraded colorful VA LCD screen tells you real-time charging status!
Each slot works independently of each other
Charger knows what battery types are inserted and charges accordingly
You can charge different types and sizes of batteries at one time
You can fix, repair Lithium batteries
Display is nice, big and easy to read with large characters
Charger is well made and can charge multiple types and size batteries at one time
Instructions are easy to read and cover all the functions of this charger
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