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Not wanting to belittle anyone else' birthday....... Anyone looked at the calendar recently?

Sunday 11th January "heads up" is 33

I wont be near a keyboard so here's the First..

Happy birthday Mate

Keep up the good work


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"B-O-N-G !".......

Sorry, was that the clock chiming the hour of your birthday or an accoutrement for imbibing said best Lebonese??  

Either way, happy trails bro! Boots-fill in a Red-Leb-type stylee!  
 Steer clear of the Banana Bar and Anne Fank's a-go-go!!!!

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[b said:
Quote[/b] (Bren Tierney @ Jan. 03 2004,02:41)]Anne Fank's a-go-go!!!!
If only it had been said;

German Officer searching house, Amsterdam, 1943-
"While we're here! Give the attic a quick check will you?"


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Well Jay....

and you too will be a year older...my favorite brother's birthday is on Jan 12, and he will be 33 as well....


we will toast to your b-day next time you are here..not that we need an excuse to toast anything!

"Good Morning"..."yeah, I'll drink to that...."

"It's Thursday!" "yeah, I'll drink to that as well"


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