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This just in.......

Underwater Video Festival "Black Pearl - 2004"

We are happy to invite you to the 2nd Moscow International Festival of Underwater Films "Black Pearl-2004"

Underwater Video Festival "Black Pearl-2004" will take place in Moscow on February 19-22, 2004 (Business-centre, Radisson-Slavyanskaya hotel) within limits of the Moscow International Festival "Diving 2004".

The goal of the Festival "Black Pearl": is to promote cultural events and activities related to development of underwater diving, submarine tourism, protecting the marine environment, by means of various artistic presentations.

The project is conducted by "Association on Diving Promotion" and Exhibition Company "Global Expo". During four days underwater diving professionals and amateurs will be able to attend seminars, master-classes and presentations, organized by leading companies, specializing in underwater diving equipment.

"Octopus", "Neptune", "Underwater Club", "Undersea Review", "Autopilot", "Voyage" magazines will be presented at the Moscow International Festival "Black Pearl-2004".

The Moscow International Festival of Underwater Art will also be held in the framework of the 2004 Moscow International Diving Festival.

U/w Photo Festival "Golden Dolphin". Every participant can present no more than 5 photos (30x40 or 30x45 cm) with information about an author overleaf (name, surname, patronymic name; address and telephone number; camera; place of shoot). It is necessary to make a mark "digit" on photos made by digital photo cameras, and also with digital method from several sources and etc. Slide-films will be singled out in a separate nomination of the Festival. The closing date of photos´ presenting is the 1st of December 2003. Works are sent to the following address: 109088, Moscow, Ugreshskaya str., 12, The Center of Underwater Photographers of Russia. Telephone / fax +7 (095) 745-15-14.

Active divers and amateurs, beginners and ordinary people interested in diving, extreme sport and exotic leisure are welcome to the Festival!

The General Rules

The contest is an international even and it is conducted annually. Only "wet" movies participate, which depict submarine world and its inhabitants, dives in any global water basins, it tells about everything what is connected with underwater activities.

The contest is open for everyone. No more than 3 works of an author are accepted. Films participate in the contest program only once.

There is no entrance fee.

The Festival´s Council organizes the contest.

The 15 of January 2004 is the closing date for registration and entry forms and films´ sending. Movies are to be on mini DV, DVCAM, Betacam SP, PAL format, plus VHS copy, film annotation in the Russian and English languages, photos of authors and shooting process (if it´s possible). Applications are to be send to the Festival´s Council to the following address:
101000, Russia, Moscow, Chistoprudniy St., pl.12a of 421, The Fund of Rolan Bykov.
Tel: +7 (095) 916-94-20, Fax: +7 (095) 916-92-12.
E-mail: [email protected]
Please, take care the sent parcel won´t need additional payment after it´s received! Movies are not returned back!

The sent movies are allowed to the contest after preview by a selection committee (the results are informed by e-mail or fax about). The decision of a committee is final.

Films are to be on mini DV, DVCAM, Betacam SP, PAL format, plus VHS copy, film annotation in the Russian or English language.

The official language of the Festival is Russian. For foreign films it is recommended to give an accompanying translation in the Russian or English language; photos of authors and shooting process (if it´s possible). Film annotation is necessary.

Prized are provided by festival organizers and sponsors.

Contest Jury consists of representatives of underwater activity, creative intellectuals - they are professional producers, operators, journalists with rich diving and professional experience. The Jury´s decision is final.

Participants of the contest agree with noncommercial use of their movies for advertising and promotion of this festival and diving in general. In such case the name of an author is mentioned, but payment is not provided. The Festival´s organizers don´t use these movies in commercial aims. All persons and organizations, interested in works´ purchase, will be referred to authors-producers of the movies by the Festival´s Council.

All the movies are exclusive authors´ property. The sent materials are in the archives of the Festival.

All the participants, willing to visit the Festival, are to apply to the Festival´s Council. Every came participate is given a ticket (for 2 persons) for all actions of the Festival.


"Grand Prix". All the sent movies are rated regardless of the theme and length. The very best is rewarded with Grand Prix!

"The best TV program about diving" - interesting, cognitive, reality show, drawing attention to problems of the submarine world (for example, history, ecology), positive emotions - information about safety diving.

"The best operator´s work" - at first, consideration is given to technically complicated coverage, depth and so on, and operator´s skill (it is the main).

"Great Travel" - club or family made film, attracting attention to diving and travel as active living, club activity.

"Movie about animals" - "singularity" of a film´s hero - an inhabitant of the submarine world, complicated coverage; careful attitude of a film unit to living shooting objects is taken into account.

"Dives in Russia" - drawing attention to diving in the Russian waters, self-descriptiveness.

"Wreck" - originality of a sunken object, availability of a subject with historical note, shooting´s quality.

Information about the Festival:


Entry form:

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