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Apologies for just cutting and pastin this (not something I do much!) but I liked the motive behind this post.

Hello everyone.

Many of us here dive solid through winter (Like me!) and we would think
nothing of a great Easter break diving 40M + deep wrecks.  My thoughts
aren't directed at you guys.

For the other 70% of divers who have only done a handful of dives over
winter, and probably in UK quarries if anything, don't forget to start your
2003 season with **GENTLE WORK UP DIVES**

(It has occurred to me that many divers don't actually belong to branches in
the UK, which is sad, but I am sure the BSAC/SAA are looking at the reasons
behind this.)

For you guys, who maybe do your diving by filling other peoples boats and
trips, maybe you have no-one to remind you to take it easy for the first few
dives of the season.  Sort of the the protective "Bubble" of responsible
club diving.

Things to remember about April is that it can offer wonderful surface
conditions, but the water is often still rather cold, and the viz can be
dreadful.  If you haven't been in the sea for a while, 35M on a uk wreck in
current and zero viz is not the place to be to find that torch is buggered,
your regs sticky or your BCD/Drysuit inflate has become "Jammed"

So, I open myself up to **FLAMING** from people thinking I am being a drama
queen.  But Take it from me and the avoidable tragedies I have witnessed
over the past decade diving in the UK and Norway, if you haven't been wet
for a while, Start off shallow, deploy your DSMB, check your kit out,
practices your drills.  Think about a good 4 or 5 dives from 15-25M before
you venture off to the deeper stuff.

If you aren't part of a club who would naturally encourage such practices,
and you read this message and listen.  Then maybe, just maybe we can reduce
the number of needless accidents for the start of the 2003 season.

Best Wishes
Matt Duke.

So think on...

· Gone...and probably best forgotten
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Oh aye, well spotted.  O great internet being.

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Have to totally agree with that, matches an e-mail i have just sent around my other club tonight. Test, Practice, Progress the only way to start each season.


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