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just returned from blythe northumberland having dived the acclivitas and it is a brilliant dive . set off from port of blythe onboard Topcat a local charter boat whose skipper is a really helpful bloke, our party from duck and dive bradford consisted of 4 aow students, instructor, divemaster, myself and dive buddy robin.it took over an hour to get to the dive site and the water was quite choppy which makes it fun getting kitted up . dropping down the shot to the wreck which lies in 26 m to the top and 32 to the seabed a feint outline started to appear at 16m .the skipper had dropped the shot in the mid section and it was from here we started our tour. we dropped over the side of the wreck which you could nearly see all along the length and headed for the bow section. along the way there were plenty of starfish crabs and a variety of small fish but strangely nothing of any size ,the wreck is lying on its side and there are many holes to look and shine torches into. we rounded the bow and i shone my torch under the wreck just as something big scurried underneath it ,i would be guessing it was a lobster or big crab. as we got back to midship we saw a gaping hole right the way through and decided to swim through ( very safe on this wreck) this is where all the large fish were hiding and until i find a website that id's british fish they will remain unidentified,any suggestions greatly recieved. on the other side we just had enough time to have some fun with a large crab who refused to come back to the boat with us and was more than happy to take 2 of us on. we lifted the shot clear and started our ascent, on the surface the sea had become very choppy with waves coming over our heads so it was a case of hold onto the shot and wait for the boat ,unknown to us the boat had a problem with its engine and it took quite some time before it could get to us ,back on board it was decided it was not safe to dive  any more today and to head back for port , a bit disappointing but the right decision . in conclusion if you have to plan 1 north east dive this year this should be on your shortlist      cheers  paul
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