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Bretagne 24/04/10

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That's today, unless you are reading this tomorrow in which case it was yesterday.

So the weather has finally settled, the wind has stayed low and the water temps are up to a tropical nine degrees.

I has been a very poor start to the year, normally I am in all year round but have had a serious lay off over the winter, not through lack of trying, through the sea being the wrong shape and colour.

When I rolled up to the harbour this morning to be greeted by a flat calm sea I was more than a little happy, it has been flat all week so good things were to be expected.

It takes about an hour in our boat from Torquay to the Bretagne, I always see this as a chance for the less experienced boat handlers to have a play, it does them good and means I can out my feet up on the back deck with tea and biscuits, running into the wheel house at the last moment to park on the wreck and away the shot, yes, they do the boring bit, I get the glory ;) Oh well, it is a harsh world...

So, shot slap bang on the wreck first time, no faffing about, just the way I like it, it has not always been like this but I now think the people on the boat, especially those holding the shot are starting to understand that when I shout now it means......Now, It doesn't mean finish your conversation, look a little puzzled and say...what...now.... dropping the shot ten minutes after I shout now never leads to success....

So shot in, quick circle around it to check the position, happy days, mid ship.....

First pair in, we wait five mins to see if the cannon fodder pop back up moaning about crappy viz, no sign of surfacing divers so next group in, Ok, so I had to pick them back up and re drop them near the shot because they were gabbing on the surface, all the time drifting away from the wreck, all lady divers please note, this is not the appropriate time for a coffee morning....

the first pair surfaced with tales of mermaids and poor viz so I didn't take my camera in, it was my intention to video the wreck so you could all enjoy it, viz good enough for video on the Bretagne is not a common occurrence so I left the camera on board and jumped in.

Admittedly, on the way down it didn't look to promising, lots of plankton in the water column lots of little jelly fish too, there were pretty little see through purple edged things, only babies.

The wreck came into view about 20M and the viz was cracking, I really regret not taking the camera in, a good 4 - 5 M which for a lyme bay wreck is usually as good as it gets, lots of silt you see.

Huge wrasse of various colours, pollock, bib, lots of crabs, mostly gravid so they get to live a while longer, my buddy was miffed after having to put the third pregnant one back in it hole and gave up on crab hunting for the day. We dropped over the side for a scallop bonanza, all got put back as they were too small, back up to the deck and dropped into a hold, had a little poottle through the interior back out, back up to the deck and home.

28.1M, 43 mins, 9 degrees, a boat load of happy divers having done the first decent dive of the year.

The day was marred only by the radio traffic with reference to a diver missing in Salcombe who had been diving the Maine, as we returned to harbour the search was still on going, I hope they turn up OK, I hope it was no one we know....We know the boat so we may know the person...

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Nice report, thanks

Tried to do the Bretagne a couple of years ago, wasn't a pleasant weekend very big waves loads of vomit and viz so bad that no-one bothered after the first 2 came back up. Maybe later this year....
well my thoughts on the day.

well initialy it wass a debabte over a bacon and egg butty from the harbour side cafe but seeing as i had a big fat fry up already i decided it was better off not to and settled for a coffie and cookie. then a tea.

the jaunt out was great, i was driving so i could light the smoking lamp in the cabin. minioning does have its perks.

when the first pair resurfaced i do my usual interogation about water temp which is of vital importance to my dive planning.

and have now discovered that sunnto ghekos LIE about temperature. they add 3 degrees to what it realy is. sodding smeg heads

theres were reading 11 degrees. WOW i think positivly tropical should be able to eak our a 50 plus miniute dive.

so on goes the wetsuit and i decide to wear my undersuit for a little extra thermal cover.

kit up and already feel much better with my kit because its new and i spent and hour re routing hoses the day before to make it look less like a crack head spider has woven it and more like a halfway sane diver has rigged it so was instantly much mroe comfortable, my umbilical torch was much better rigged and generaly eveything looked scarily GOOEY and neat and tidy. i feel myself slipping to the dark side.

got all kitted up and hopped in with BTS and decended along a near horizontal shotline looking at the vis thinking this looks rather soupish. and also. those sodding lying ghekos thsi is never 11 degrees.

get to the wreck and the peas soup clears as it comes into view. along with 5ms of acceptable vis
pootled to the far side of the wreck from the shot and found crab no one. picked ip up with my useual deft method dlip it over and see the swollen abdomen. bugger. shows it to bts who motions about it and i put it back

drop down the side and my god was the hull pretty today. loads of big fan corals and deadmens fingers. adorning it.

got o the bottom and there were a few flaties but to small to bother with, and crab no2. which again was preggers. what is it the CrabCHAV estae or soemthing? had a mooch under the prop and rudder and it always impresses me just how huge these things are. bibled and saw a fish i have never seen before.

shaped like a makeral with a deeper body, dark slate grey in clour and Big eyes. it was about 6 inches in length but as i had no cmaera i couldnt do anything about it for ID perpuses and preggers crab 3 was under soem wreckage.

went up on deck and had a mooch through the holds.

did some slow deco as we just tocked over into mandatory decom. and surfaced in a very good mood.

just under 50 mins dive time in 8 degrees in a 2mm wetuit.

sodding pregant crabs

i wish i had my camera. the hull was akin to a red sea reef with the fans corals and dead mens fingers in abundance
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