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Brighton - Pentrych wreck 17/04/10

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Today was almost a repeat of this report :)

Blue sky, really flat sea, 5m of viz for me if I kept away from my team members ;) temp of 8c (warming up)Plenty of big crabs, bib, wrasse, pollock, and sole to be found. I have a mild sun tan after today. Very relaxing couple of dives. I managed about 45 minutes of diving before deciding to head up.

Summer has arrived in Brighton, so make sure that you know how get to the Marina via the Racecourse road. Avoid central Brighton as you would a rabid dog, it takes ages to escape.
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hello you all
yes it was a nice day the wreck had lots of bib and wrasse on it the vis on the drift was only 1 mt with loads of sterfish
thanks to pine cooler for being my buddy
safe diving adrian
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