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hi, I'm in the market for a new suit and have narrowed the field to either:

Otter Britannic
Pros- bulletproof
Cons- more than my budget will really allow
Q - I have heard of bargain suits, unclaimed orders etc being available from Divers Warehouse, does anyone know how often this happens? Is it possible to find out what they have and how much or is it down to onsite haggling?

Oceanic Aerdura Black front loader
Pros - it fits budget (just)
- I could probably get an off the rack fit (I'm a fairly standard size)
Cons - heard a few leaky leg stories
Q - Would you consider this a budget Britannic?

Seaskin Nova
Pros - (different to the other 2 but I'm taken by the good reports)
- It comes in on budget
Cons - I might be pushing my luck getting it made in time for my visit (current 7/8 week wait)
Q - what would you consider essential additions (currently thinking 2 x pockets, neo lined boots, zip cover - anything else?)

The suit I'm leaving is an Oceanic flex - i've been happy with it, but it's now due a new zip and seals which will cost a bit and I could put the money towards something shiney.

I didn't really want to exceed GBP500 ex VAT (i'm visiting UK in a few weeks and can claim VAT back when I leave.)

TIA Paul
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