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This just in from Leigh Bishop:

"Information about the Sept 2003 expedition to the 396ft deep shipwreck Britannic can be found on


Britannic is the largest sunken Ocean liner in the world. The expedition is said to have proved the most successful to date and was led by Englishman Carl Spencer, Spencer's team completed missions previously thought impossible.

The British team including two Italians was completely closed circuit and was made up from dedicated deep 35mm stills / digital video cameramen, their own British based expedition vessel (Deep Blues Loyal Watcher) was deployed from Plymouth England for the expedition.

The expedition documentary is expected to air on the National Geographic Channel approx Dec time as well as Cahnnel 5 /UK.

The entire picture of the expedition story will unfold on www.deepimage.co.uk including many of the thousands of 35mm images shot.
Related link: DeepImage Shipwreck / Photography"

NB: Some of us who did the Farnes 'SAS' trip ('Somali And Seals') earlier in the year (where we met Louise T from Divernet) will recognise Zaid Al-Obaidi from the Deep Image site's homepage (he's the one having a bucket of water poured over his head).

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