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Gentlemen and Ladies,
                            while I have access to BS I have printed the relevant ones for cylinder testing (al and steel) and markings. Is there any other I should have a look at from an interest point of view?

All hail the mighty ZOM
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<font color='#000080'>Right here you go...
bs en 12021 breathing air
bs en 12628 bc testing
bs en 13319 depth gauges
bs en 137 scuba
bs en 13949 nitrox cylinders
bs en 14143 rebreathers
bs en 14153 parts 1 to 3 training
bs en 144 parts 1 to 3 cylinder valve fittings (including new Nitrox)
bs en iso 12209 parts 1-3 valve fittings (A clamp and DIN)
bs en 250 open circuit equipment testing (including cold water stuff)

and if you are really sad:
bs en 1972 snorkels
bs en 1809 bc's
bs en 139 compressed air hose
bs 4001 parts 1 and 2 care of breathing apparatus

also while you are at it:
hse indg308 safe use of cylinders
hse oxygen safe use of oxygen cylinders

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