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Just nabbed this from the BSAC forum. Iain Aitchison wrote:

"New BSAC SDC in Ice Diving. Pilot Course mid. Feb. 2004 Germany


would any BSAC members interested in participating in a new BSAC SDC in Ice Diving this Winter please contact me. This new 2-day SDC will suit Sports Divers or above and cover safe diving under ice. Generally at the planned location ice cover of 15-20 cm or so can be expected in February so that dives through an entry point in the ice surface could be carried out. Often there is excellent visibility.

The pilot course is planned to place at one or more alpine lakes near the German/Austrian border and will cover the theoretical and practical techniques required. Further details at a later date.

Iain Aitchison"

Iain can be contacted at:

[email protected]

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Hello All,

I've been in touch with Iain who's organising the course...he sent this message:

"Hallo Graham,

sounds ok, I will keep you in touch with developments and timings.
Looks like being based at Aitrang www.taucherhof.de on 14/15 Feb. 04.

Iain Aitchison
BSAC AI 2306 / CMAS M3 GB 1177"

Have a look at the website...the location looks stunning.

If anyone does decide that they are up for the course and decides to drive, let me know as I'll be travelling from Luxembourg and I could probably put a few people up in our flat. Lux looks to be about half way from Calais to Aitrang in Germany.

Cheers for now.

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