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Buddy Bands vs Steel Bands

I've tried both ways. In fact i've probably tried every conceivable permutation of twinning up, much to the constant guffawing of my club members!:) :redface:

The buddy bands will let you twin up with virtually any cylinder and be fairly quick in letting you 'swap out' a cylinder.

For sheer robustness, if there's such a word, i've gone for s/steel twinning bands and tighten them up with a ratchet. Then they connect through into my OMS wing and backplate with the usual M8 threaded bar. They are rock solid and you can get the valves of both cylinders nice and square and in line with each other.

When you tighten up with buddy bands, or any regular webbing style cam band for that matter, the cylinders tend to twist a bit when tightening and you can get a 'wonky' cylinder. It might be a minor point, but i do like to do things rather neat.:embarasse
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