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On the 31'st of January 15 divers from Bath University Sub Aqua club descended on Dive 24/7 (http://www.dive24-7tenerife.com/) in Tenerife. Great fun was had and everyone got home somewhat the worse for wear after a week’s diving in the South West of Tenerife.

Half the group flew with Monarch from Gatwick (other half went from Bristol). For the Monarch flight check in was fantastic with the nice lady not even querying my 13kg hand baggage when it went on the scales (limit was 10).

We had three fantastic apartments arranged by Dave and Nicki for a ridiculously low price. Everyone was incredibly impressed with the apartments and they provided a perfect base for relaxing after the days diving.

Day 1:
Arrive in Tenerife and head straight to Clouseaus bar to sort out the plans for the week. Clouseaus then became our regular haunt for the week with each day generally ending up there.
Day 2:
Check out dives, sorting kit problems and general faffing. Nothing massively interesting but I got a chance to practice my OOA drills and everyone got their weighting and kit sorted ready for the week. The two sites for the day were the Steps and The Rays. The Steps had a nice Octopus at the bottom of the shot and some of the groups saw an Angel Shark. The Rays had a fair number of fish about but no rays unfortunately this time.

Day 3:
A severe storm hit Tenerife (http://newsinthesun.com/?p=3377) so no diving today. Loads of plans were put forward like going to the zoo or the water park. In the end we spent the day in the bar and apartments.

Day 4:
The first proper days diving. A couple of nice easy dives with swim throughs and lots to see.
I had a big shock whilst pointing out a photo opportunity to my buddy when the sand beneath me swam off at high speed. I'd just knelt down on an angel shark who seemed a bit upset at having his rest disrupted (unfortunately we didn't get a picture).
I'll add the site names later as I can't remember them at the moment.

Day 5:
A nice relaxed dive on the Meridian which is a 30m wreck in the morning and a chilled dive at The Rays again in the afternoon.
The Meridian was a really nice wreck dive. It's not a huge site but has a lot to see on it. There was also the huge bonus that we had dolphins on the surface. A group of us jumped in for a swim with them and saw them very close up. I believe the guys who only had 20m qualifications who dived a different site nearby saw the dolphins underwater (lucky lot).
The Rays dive didn't disappoint as two/three rays had a nose around and came in for a tickle.

Day 6:
Palm Mar Cave in the morning and The Condosito in the afternoon.
Palm Mar Cave had a current running so personally wasn't a great dive as I hate having to swim against a current. At the end the last few of us up the shot saw a big atlantic ray though which was just passing by which made up for the swim against the current a bit. When we dived it last year without the current it was one of the best dives of the trip so we’ll definitely be doing it again next time.
It was incredibly interesting to see how much the wreck of the condosito had changed in just one year. When we dived it just over 12 months ago the wreck was in fairly good condition. During the year it has started to collapse fairly significantly (you can now see all of the insides fairly easily which is nice). It was a really nice rummage dive and a good one to finish on as all 15 from the group could dive the same site. We saw an octopus and I actually pointed out a nudibranch when diving a wreck (something must have been wrong with me (I also spent way too much time, according to my buddy, looking at the winches, engines and boilers)).

Day 7:
The final days diving for the four of us who grabbed the spare places on the boat. Most of the other guys were still recovering from the night out.
The first dive was a nice chilled swim along the rocky reef at Balcon Del Mar which has lots of swim throughs and life including rays and angel sharks.
The second dive was at a site called Shark's Cave. This is a fairly large swim throughy cavern which had a puffer fish in last year (unfortunately it wasn't there this year) though there was a baby eagle ray. We also found a cuttlefish to watch for a bit at the end.
In the evening we went to Clouseaus to watch a comedian and for karaoke and dancing. Video's of the karaoke attempts from the uni group will go up on youtube later this week and are expected to score a very poor rating for singing quality though may do ok on entertainment factor.
Day 8:
Chilled by the pool in the apartments, packed and returned home after a very relaxed weeks diving.

Overall it was a fantastic relaxed weeks diving and a perfect opportunity for the newly qualified ocean and sports divers in the club to get some experience up. This was the second visit for Charlotte and me to Dive 24/7 and we'll definitely be back in the future.


Pictures in this report are taken by Nicki, Kat, Luke or Ben.
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