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- Better to spend the money that a pair of full foots would cost on a better pair of open heel.

Not necessarily. Some people never dive anywhere but warm water. There's no need for them to have open-heel fins.

Have you ever walked across a burning hot beach in full equipment? It can be quite painful, also if you are diving in the red sea from a boat there is always the chance they shoot off without you, you may have to get on to the reef, am I going on?

And if you only have open-heels, then you kinda need to buy yourself wetboots as well for when you're not in a drysuit, so it's expense wherever you look.
But I never actually recommended buying both types - just mentionethat there ARE two types.

It may be I think of full foot fins more as skin diving equipment,

>Snorkel: Most divers insist that snorkels have no place in scuba diving.

- Not in my experience, limited as it may be.

It is in mine, and of a huge number of other divers I've talked to...

You did say most, I was guessing that you were guessing...

>A snorkel attached to the mask  is widely considered a sure sign of a novice diver.

- Again not in my experience, perhaps in the world of techie divers.

Not really - a snorkel underwater is useless. A snorkel on your mask strap can catch and cause your mask to flood or even come off. Carrying one is one thing, carrying it in a hazardous location is quite another. You don't have to be a technical diver for that to be a concern

That's true, but I think you would have more chance of loosing the snorkel than having your mask ripped off, and I still think that your novice statement is not true, but its your guide.

- The reason that Poseidon hoses are different is because they are upstream valves

Some of them are. By no means all.

OK, the only one I am not sure about is the triton or whatever its called, but my point was the hoses are different because they have a built in pressure relief valve, not because of IP.

- Also as far as I know there is no such thing as a standard intermediate pressure.

There is. Virtually every other regulator runs an IP of around 9. Poseidon, IIRC, are around 11.

Yes they are high IP, but every maker specifies a IP for their reg, not standard.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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