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I can't shake the feeling that being a "stroke" is insulting me in a more subtle way than I am quite able to grasp. This is really bugging me. Is there another secret meaning of name "stroke" that I am not aware of.

Therefore, I would like to propose that we strokes have a name for DIRs who, rather than evolving their diving kit/configuration, cut out most of the work and go straight to the finish.

Now, children, there is no need to be rude :-

We are strokes so they could be - yankers or tugs or jerks?

Also, I have now evolved beyond a simple "stroke" to a two or four "stroke" ever since I started using mink covered diving gloves.


This is so obvious that someone must already have done this - my apologies to whoever.

[EDIT] I've done it again. Since when has there been an apostrophe in the word "want" - somebody PLEASE tell me how to edit the tiltles on a forum post.
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