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Wondering if anyone can help?

On Saturday (12th May) evening I threw my reel in the wash tank at Fathom & Blues. When I came back about an hour and a half later to collect it, it had gone. Did anyone scoop it up with their kit and take it home by mistake? In which case, I'd like it back. I'll pay for postage.

Or, did anyone nick it? In which case, give it back you thieving bastard.

If your buddy has mysteriously 'found' a lovely new wreck reel, perhaps you could suggest they un-find it in my direction?

It's a seriously hefty bit of kit, with yellow neon string. It was a gift from the lovely Fiona, also of this parish, and I'm very fond of it. I can see why you might want it, because it's a wonderful piece of engineering, but it's not yours, it's mine. Please return it.
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