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In Cala Montgó on the Costa Brava, where we have been diving and carrying out research with volunteer divers for the past 12 years, we have witnessed an estimated 25% loss of Posidonia beds, mainly as a result of unregulated anchoring by pleasure boats each summer.

Where there were once lush meadows of Posidonia teaming with marine life, we now see barren sediment, often littered with trash from tourist boats.

Without the presence of Posidonia oceanica we would not have the biodiversity that attracts hundreds of divers and snorkelers to L'Escala each year. Cala Montgó was included within the "protected zone" of the Medes Islands and Montgri coast two years ago but still no regulations have been agreed to provide practical protection for this important threatened species.

Please help us to put pressure on the local authorities: Sign the petition

If you have design skills you can also help: Design a Poster to Protect Posidonia

We are also offering a Free Week-long Workshop to raise awareness about the importance of the Posidonia oceanica habitat
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