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Camping and Diving options near Torbay ?

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Hi to all

We're wanting to do 3 nights camping with some obligatory diving around Torbay - anyone got any experience down there and recommend good camp site and dive centers. Needs to be child friendly.

On the diving I dont mind - shore dives would be best for my boy JOW - but equally happy with boats.


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There are many camp sites around, mostly family friendly, try the tourist information for a list


For shore diving, Babbacombe is good but you need to get there early as parking options are limited, meadfoot is good and easier to park or over to Brixham Breakwater beach has easy entry/exits points and good parking. Max 8 - 10 metres on these sites, check out more detailed info here

DiveTorbay - Home

Air I can sort out for you at our club room on the harbour in Torquay or there is divers down in babbacome or venture sports on the way to paignton.

Thanks for the quick reply - we'll do some digging on the tourist site.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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