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Just hitting the news just now;

Rescuers battle to save ship crew

Many of the ship's crew were flung into the port's icy waters
Rescue work is expected to continue through the night on a freighter that capsized near the Norwegian port of Bergen, killing two crew members.
Rescuers reported hearing cries and banging from inside the vessel, which is lying upturned in icy waters.

They have cut a hole in its hull and are communicating with those inside.

Nine of the mainly Filipino crew are in hospital after being rescued, but 19 others are still missing. The nationality of the dead is not known.

Witnesses said the ship overturned in a matter of minutes.

Anders Bang-Andersen, of the Rescue Co-ordination Centre for southern Norway, said because it happened close to land local boats were able to join in the rescue.

"We have resources in place, and we're in the midst of saving the people who fell in the water," he said.

Of the 30 crew members, 23 are Filipino, three are Dutch, two are Norwegian and one is German, said spokeswoman for the rescue services Cecilie Wathne.

The nationality of one crew member could not be confirmed.

A hospital official said the survivors were the crew's three Dutchmen and five of the Filipinos and one Norwegian.

'Heavy load'

The 100-metre (320 yards) long freighter MS Rocknes sent out a distress call before it capsized about 200 metres from the western island of Bjoroey at about 1630 (1530 GMT).

Atle Jebsen, a spokesman for the Norway-based ship's owner, Jebsen Management, said the MS Rocknes was a bulk carrier that had been loaded with stone bound for the Netherlands.

Boats were sent to the scene of the accident in the Raune fjord where the water temperature was said to be no more than 5C (40F).

Survivors would be able to remain in the water for up to three hours, experts said.

The Rocknes was found to be safe by Norwegian maritime authorities last summer and there has been no word on the cause of the accident.

Here's hoping they get the rest of the crew out safely
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