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Cave Diving Spain

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Bank Holiday weekend and I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to stay in Javier. Javier is a town about 1.5 hours South of Valencia or just North of Alicante. Hotel this time was the Hotel Miramar (Web site Hotel Miramar **. Jvea/Xabia .). A two star hotel costing 30 Euros a night. This far exceeds Two Star. Lovely clean quiet hotel, staff are very friendly. A very short walk to the sea front. But you should see the size of the bath about 1 meter long!

This time I was diving with Diving Javea (Buceo Javea - Diving Javea). This time was cave diving – target Moraig cave. You have to be cave trained to do this, plus have insurance (Spainish Law). Javier organised everything very well. I was renting a set of twins. When I told Javier about my arm, he changed them to twin 10s. Much better than the 12s he was suggesting. Nice new OMS wing, regs all hired and well laid out.

You can usually do the cave by driving to a car park and then a surface swim with a 5 litre that you drop. This time there were repairs being done to the car park so this option was out. Instead we used a boat and a shorter surface swim.

You had a small squeeze to get through. Nothing too challenging. What made this most interesting was the halocline from salt water to fresh water. All quiet fuzzy and blurry.

Cave itself seemed quiet nice. Big wide and open. Very similar to Florida caves, except without crystal clear water. It was a little bit sediment like, but nothing too bad. Any complaints, yes doing this on twin 10s. The turn point was so early. Hardly in the system and back out. Need my rebreather for next time.

The other great thing about Javier, at least out of peak season, you can pick up food cheaply. A 3 course meal with beer starts at 8.5 Euros! Bargin.
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Useful info, cheers :thumbsup:

I went to Javier, pre diving, eons ago and remember it as beautiful. Time to get back perhaps :)
Spent the last two weeks on / off with Diving Javea; sea / rib diving, not caves.... although we managed a few caverns.

Good diving / guides, and nice to get back into the water after a break. Would recomend Diving Javea (Javie) if you are in the area; friendly & professional; willing to go out of their way to show you places to suit individual divers.
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