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OK, it's not exactly "away" but hey a trip to the dales is always good for an underprivileged Scot with no caves in Glasgow!!
I dived in Joint Hole on Sat with Scoff and Dave (CDG)..got to the site, met various other notable CDG members, had a chat, lugged the gear down to Joint and then got kitted up.  Dropped down the hole into Joint and then looked around, the viz was amazing!!  I had been told this might be the best it has been for years but I was truly stunned. It's beautiful inside, I just swam along the line for a bit enjoying the view provided by blagging Scoff's HID light. Started getting narrower and narrower, horizontally until I was clanging a bit on the roof, got through that then almost to the end of the first sump. Took a rain check on continuing as I wanted to leave with over 2 thirds of air for safety. Scared Dave a bit now and again by getting caught on the line then getting my hose caught on a rock where I could not turn round much to free it! Sorry Dave..
Got out, got back to the cave cottage, ate pizza, zonked out for an hour. Then, in true "DIW" (sorry couldnt resist) style, went to the pub and got "hammered" to say the least. Had another pizza upon arrival home, except probably managed to eat it in half the time of the first one

Finally crashed out after 3ish, woke up around 7.30...everyone was zonked, fell back asleep, went down to Bernie's cafe at 11ish then filled tanks. Down to Hurtle Pot again, eeeeekkk now I have to admit the truth - I used Sidemounts!!!! Don't tell anyone....
Enjoyed a change I suppose
but #### that walk down to Hurtle nearly killed me with all the gear on!!  When I dropped into Hurtle I knew I was pretty much overweighted and then 2 mins later I felt luvverly cold water leaking in the neck - aah nice. Got into the East Wall outlet, very small and restricted, then the fun began!  First I couldn't get myself through because I was overweight and if I put a jag of air in I would be on the roof. Then my mask started flooding continuously because the helmet (EEEEEKKK yes I tried one) kept pushing down on it. Then I realised I had to switch bottles to keep them at equal amounts. Try dealing with all that in a space where you can hardly turn round and you can't look up!! Ah the joys of task loading.  Carried on after sorting that little lot out and had a play about on the way back out.

Drove home to Scotland after it, now planning more luvverly trips.

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