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Most cave divers may wonder at the beauty of cave maps and may even use them for cave dive planning but few have learned how to make cave maps. I recently taught yet another survey and cartography cave course with Dirk from Germany. We both used CCR Rebreathers as our primary breathing device during the survey portion of the training program. The goal at the end of the program is to have a published map in your hand, made from your survey data.

Most people would think cave map making and the process of surveying is only for cave explorers but if you have a cave in your neighborhood that is already explored, if there are already permanently guide lines installed but no cave map does exist you many want to consider a survey and consequently producing a cave map. Permanent guidelines do not have to be taken out in order to conduct a re-survey. Knotted line can be used for the distance measurement or fiberglass tape for greater accuracy. The NSS-CDS published a great book called Underwater Cave Survey by John Burge with all the details needed to survey and cartography.

The full article can be read on the Protec Advanced Training Facility — Protec Blog

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