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After two years of negotiation, on 30 May 2013, the European Parliament and Fisheries Council finally reached an agreement on the framework of a reformed Common Fisheries Policy. It includes a deal on rebuilding fish stocks, ending overfishing by 2015, and reducing by-catch and discarding.

However, recent Parliament and Council discussions on the future European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, EMFF, included calls for EU aid in support of fleet modernisation, in particular aid for engine replacement and new vessels.

These measures should not be supported with public aid. The 2002 CFP reform phased out funding for fleet renewal and in 2012, at Rio+20, the international community, including the EU, recommitted to phasing out subsidies contributing to overfishing. Also, such measures would contradict the EU proposal to the Rules Negotiation Group in the WTO to prohibit subsidies for the construction of new fishing vessels and the renovation of existing ones.

Watch and share the OCEAN2012 animation End the Blind Spend.

Marinet, a fellow member of OCEAN2012, has also made a short film to highlight the problems caused by EU fisheries subsidies. It is part of the Marinet campaign for subsidy reform. The aim is to put public pressure on the European Commission to change the system as it stands via an Avaaz petition.

The film is very short, so please watch it and sign the petition before the PECH Committee vote in the EU Parliament next week, on 10th July. We need as many signatories as we can get to stop tax payers money funding the factory ships that are plundering the seas. Thanks for your support.
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