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No rush at the moment, but the webbing from Nik Naks looks like the best deal, any idea on it's length, I know it will be ample, just interested.
This is what I have - sorry, no idea of the length I just made it to size and when I was happy, cut the extra off. But I will say that it is really stiff - which is good. I would be happy to recommend it.

Just one point though...

The adjustment on the Dive Rite is a pain in the rear, almost impossible for easy adjustment, where as a single webbing seems the way to go, less engineered and easier to make small adjustments.
A one piece is really best to set up and leave alone, it isn't really the best at re-adjusting in my opinion. Saying that, I have my harness set for my dry suit, but have dived it in a semi dry with no adjustments. I do prefer it to have a bit of space though, some others - maybe yourself, like to feel the harness tightened well up. It's just a thought before you change to a one piece and then find it doesn't really do what you want it to.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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