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Hi all just to let you know how it's going down south.
Sat 22nd March, packed kit into car at 4:30 am!! And off to work (postman hence early start). Finished work by 10:45 and on my way, sun shining, shads on, Cold Play on CD player sunroof open, 2 hours later I'm in Portland ready to dive. Meet up with some old friends, had a drink and scrounge some chips, then off to the cove which looked positively tropical.
This was to be a shake down dive as I had new kit to test, Si-Tec dry gloves, Greenforce Hid and a new harness so was not expecting too much from the dive, an hour later and I thought I'd better get out as the others might be getting bored waiting for me. The dry gloves were toasty warm and had no trouble operating my kit and doing gas shut downs with them, the harness needed a little tweak but that was it. Vis was 3-4 mtrs and 9c, not too much in the way of wild life but a very relaxing and enjoyable dive.
Now all I needed to test was the Greenforce Hid which meant a night dive. I know it is only March but it was too good an opportunity to turn down. A bit of arm-twisting, lots of hot coffee and we were going back in as the sun was setting. Boy it was worth it we had the beach to ourselves, vis had improved to 5-6 mtrs and as for the Hid light sabre I thought Portland lighthouse had fallen in with us, lots more fish than earlier, some times the simple things like the cove can't be beat. We kept this dive to 35 minutes although I'd liked to stay much longer.
All this and we were out of the water and heading for home by 8 o'clock, thank god the drive home only took an hour just waiting for the speeding tickets now.

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